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Keyboard 360 Gamepad
WASD / Arrow keys to navigate Left Analogue to navigate
Spacebar to fire Y to fire
Left/Right Shift for speed boost Right Trigger for speed boost.

Gameplay loop -
live as long as you can. The longer you play the most point you get but the tougher the boss round becomes. After every boss round the game speeds up, the enemy rounds increases by one and the boss does more damage. You can get a 50% point increase by speed boosting while in combat. You just need to survive past the boss then your health gets regenerated. Have fun!

What's new -
- Player now takes damage from the cyber trees
- Boss gradually get tougher and tougher each round
- Several other bug fixes

This is my first ever gamejam! ZonoS is an endless shooter inspired by some of my favourite games as a kid - Space Harrier, Panzer Dragoon, etc.

The game is designed to get tougher and quicker as you play. Please forgive the bugs, this was not an easy game to pull off in only one week with a full-time job and a family.

I took some liberties for this version in the sake of time. There are still bugs that I would have love to have had the extra time to sort out. But I'll definitely get to them after the jam is over.

I have much bigger plans for this game though, so please keep checking back once in a while for updates.

PlatformsmacOS, Unity
Made withUnity, Maya
Tagscyberpunkjam, Retro, scifi, Space


Zonos_OG.app.zip 27 MB